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Van Sales Representative (VSR)

We are seeking a convincing and enthusiastic minivan Sales Representative to promote and sell our products at customer locations. In this role, you will drive a minivan on an established route, identify new sales leads in the area, and provide services to our regular customers. You will be also responsible for the proper maintenance of the company vehicle.

To ensure success as a VSR, you should possess a clean driving record and demonstrate an excellent track record as a salesperson in a related industry.

VSR Responsibilities:

  • Driving a minivan and selling products to customers.

  • Delivering purchase orders and informing existing customers of new products.

  • Increasing sales by promoting products and analyzing competitor behavior.

  • Signing sales contracts, according to company’s trade policy, taking purchase orders, and collecting payments.

  • ensures the safe and timely delivery of purchased products.

  • Maintaining sales and delivery records, as well as meeting sales targets.

  • Liaising with other departments to ensure optimal customer services.

  • Ensuring the cleanliness of the interior and the exterior of the van.

  • Performing basic van maintenance tasks, such as checking tire pressure, and gas and oil levels.

VSR Requirements:

  • High school diploma

  • 2 years minimum of experience as a VSR, or similar.

  • Valid driver’s license Β or C1 category

  • Exceptional ability in meeting sales targets.

  • Extensive experience in identifying new customers and negotiating deals.

  • Ability to assume responsibility for the delivery van and the products.

  • Experience in recordkeeping and managing sales contracts.

  • Working knowledge of basic van maintenance.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.




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